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It is with deep gratitude and love that we present the Women of Bhakti Project!

This project came about in response to the yoga community’s growing interest in learning more about bhakti. As long time students, practitioners and teachers of bhakti yoga we have experienced and witnessed the profound effects that living in bhakti can have on people both individually and collectively. The treasures of bhakti are meant to be passed on, and we felt called to create a forum that can share the beauty, richness and healing effects of bhakti across the globe. We aspire to bring divine service into the hearts, homes and lives of everyone.

The Women of Bhakti team: We are a multi-modal production team dedicated to creating films that inspire, heal and uplift the world. Our current project is the Women of Bhakti film, which does not end when the screening is over, it just begins. We envision the film as a vehicle for collective inspiration and energy for bringing more bhakti into every corner of the world. If you or someone you know has an inspirational idea or story for a film let us know.

Yours in service,
The Brij Project team

Interview with Women of Bhakti producer Jahnava Devi on the Yoga Chat Radio Show.

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Women of Bhakti trailer

“Sensitivity to emotions is the uniquely feminine component that women bring to the practice of yoga, and the film illuminates this beautifully!”Elephant Journal

New in the Bhakti Shop

Sacred Tulasi

The sacred Tulasi tree is grown in temples, ashrams and holy places throughout India. For thousands of years devotees and yogis have worn Tulasi around their necks for its healing and purifying effects and protection from negative karma. In the ancient text Garuda Purana it is said that wearing Tulasi protects one from bad dreams, accidents, attack by weapons, and guarantees one an auspicious destination at death.

Tulasi is venerated as a goddess in Hinduism. Her spiritual identify, beyond the form of a plant, is as Vrinda devi, the goddess of devotion (bhakti) and the sakti or energy of the Divine. By wearing her around your neck, or chanting mantras on Tulasi mala, you imbibe this devotional energy.


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Got Milk or Not Milk

I have never completely been on one side of the fence or the other regarding a vegan versus lacto-vegetarian diet. I've followed both diets for extensive periods of time but having made a dozen visits to India and having lived in a rural Indian village for the past three years my views on milk, the cow, food and life have changed.

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Mother Ganga

Mother Ganga

The Ganges River is perhaps the most sacred river on earth. Also known as Mother Ganga, she is is as old as time itself. Ancient Indian texts say that the sight, the name, and the touch of the Ganges cleanses one of all sins and taking a dip in her holy waters invites blessings to flow into one’s life.

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