About the film

Women of Bhakti is a documentary film about women in the bhakti tradition. It features compelling interviews with scholars, sadhus, and modern day yoginis who share gems of wisdom about the transformational power of bhakti. How to live it, how to give it, how to bring it into the world through creative expression, service and love.

The film was released in June, 2012. Premieres took place at studios and events throughout North America and included viewing of the film, kirtan, a bhakti practice and Q&A with the filmmakers.

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Favorite Quotes from Women of Bhakti

“A heart filled up with love connected to the Divine can reach out touch everyone.”
“Divine love is the greatest love. Bhakti is an inherent part of being alive.”
“Live bhakti, give bhakti.”
“Bhakti is the heart and core of who we are as human beings.”
“Bhakti allows you to see the divinity in everything.”
“The practice of bhakti is the practice of unconditional love.”
“Unless you understand a women’s nature, you can’t really even understand bhakti.”
“The mind is a lens to help us see things clearly. Because the mind is distorted our perception is distorted. It’s distorted by selfish desires and the thoughts that manifest from them. In yoga you meditate to move your mind to a higher perception of reality.”
“All the Yoga Sutra commentaries discuss grace. There is a reciprocation from the Divine, recognizing your desire and giving you some grace to achieve it.”
“All spiritual paths teach to be without ego. In Bhakti you get to the root of ego centricity by means of humility, devotion, sacrifice and surrender.”
“The objects of this world are not yours, they belong to something greater and are meant to be used for something greater than you. We are particles of consciousness. We are receptacles of love. The energy of love is meant to flow through our hearts to the Divine.”
“Reality means the Divine and Divine energies. You can’t separate the Divine from its energy, any more than you can separate fire and light. We are also an energy of the Divine and energy is meant to please its source. The essence of all sakti is pleasure and the essence of pleasure is love. Therefore, bhakti is the flowing of this energy of love which is not covered by any selfishness. The practice of this is called bhakti.”
“Every object has a potency. So when you focus on the Divine, you will feel it and it will reciprocate; it will draw out your natural loving potency. This happens in kirtan and this happens in seva (service). Seva can be done in many ways according to your abilities and natural inclinations. When you are doing seva you are putting the divine in the center. Ordinary life is different; you are center stage and in your consciousness the world exists for your pleasure.”
“In bhakti the means and end are the same. In other forms of yoga, the means are an end to the something else. In bhakti there is no other objective than bhakti. The practice is the goal. But in jnana, the path of knowledge, you do austerities to achieve liberation. Austerity is not the goal. You don’t want to do austerities forever.”
“Bhakti is the experience of sacrifice, love and emotion which are all the practices of bhakti.”
“Bhakti requires three things: an object (the Divine), a subject (the soul), and the devotion itself. These three are all eternal. It’s not that when you achieve bhakti the object and subject disappear, merge into one and individuality is lost. There must be “two” to love and reciprocate with one another. The union is in love and purpose, not in loss of individuality and a merging into an amorphous one.”
“Our nature is that we are loving beings. Perfect means original changeless.”
“Perfect water is water that is natural and uncontaminated. Our original nature is as a loving soul. A loving spirit exists originally and naturally in your heart. Therefore our perfection is to love.”
“In Latin God means creator. But this is not the highest aspect of reality. The heart and love of God is the highest aspect of God (the absolute reality).”
“As fire lights the wood it consumes, so the soul illuminates the body with consciousness.”
“The truth is one, but the teachers are many, for each has a lesson to impart.”
“All of the gods reside where women are properly honored. Where they are disrespected, all actions are in vain.”
“No enemy, weapon, poison or terrible illness can upset someone like harsh words. No moon, water, sandalwood paste, or cool breeze can refresh someone as sweet words can.”
“Whatever you do not know about yourself, the infinite knows. What is underground in the innermost subconscious regions of your heart, He can also see. If you remember this as you move and live, you cannot but be purified.”
“Eternal existence has no meaning if it is not conscious, and consciousness has no meaning if does not give any fulfillment. Real enjoyment, divine enjoyment, comes from service – not from exploitation.”